Sales Promotion Popups

Sales Promotion Popups

6 Creative Sales Promotion Popup Examples to Grow Your Lists & Encourage Purchases

Want to drive more sales on your ecommerce store? A sales promotion popup is a great option. Here are six best-in-class examples alongside best practices and ready-to-use templates so you can create your own.

Website popups often get a bad rap in the ecommerce space, with many claiming that they’re annoying and intrusive. But, this certainly isn’t the whole truth.

When used the right way, popups can help increase the number of visitors you convert and boost retention. While the average conversion rate for popups across industries is 3.09%, it’s possible to achieve rates as high as 40% and beyond.

One sure way to see results like this is to use creative sale promotion popups on your website.

In this article, you’ll learn what sales promotion popups are, the best practices for using them, and six real-life examples from brands that can inspire you. You’ll also get sales promotion popup templates you can quickly customize and use on your website to grow your list and encourage purchases.

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What is a sales promotion popup?

A sales promotion popup is a type of popup designed to increase sales, conversions, and collect emails by offering website visitors incentives like giveaways, welcome offers, deals, discounts, free shipping, etc. These popups typically show a few seconds after a web page loads or after a visitor has added items to their cart and is about to checkout, depending on the sale promotion popup you’re using.

Unlike intrusive popups, these sales promotion popups give your visitors more reason to shop with you or to at least provide their contact information so that you can reach them at some other time.

They are also handy for upselling and cross-selling products.

Now that you know what sale promotion popups are and how useful they can be, let’s consider some of the best practices for creating high-converting ones for your website.

Key elements of a sales promo popup

Before getting started creating a sales promotion popup, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Sales promotion popup best practices

  • Create a compelling offer. Nobody wakes and decides, “Oh, I want to join a couple of newsletters today.” So using popups offers like “Subscriber to our newsletter” or “Join our email list” simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, your offer should tell visitors what they stand to gain from joining your email list. Your popup will convert better if you make a compelling offer that’s specific, relevant, and something that solves your visitor’s problem.
  • Use strong calls-to-action (CTAs. You never want to leave your visitors in the dark concerning what you expect from them. As such, it’s best practice to use CTAs that tell them exactly what action you want them to take — whether it’s to fill in specific details, complete a purchase with a promo code, or something else.
  • Make your coupon/discount codes easy to find. You risk losing a potential customer if you make it hard for them to find coupon codes to use on your site. So instead of making visitors have to dig through their emails or SMS inbox, offer the code right on the website so they can quickly complete their purchase.
  • Use an appropriate popup trigger. Many people already see popups as interruptions to their shopping experience. To improve their experience, you can create popup triggers like time delay (the popup shows after a user has spent a specific time on the page), scroll point (the popup appears after a user scrolls past a pre-defined point on a web page), or exit-intent (the popup shows when a user is about to exit a page).
  • Experiment or run A/B tests. Since you cannot tell what’s in your visitor’s mind, it’s crucial to experiment with your sales promo popups to find the triggers, design, copy, or discounts that appeal to your target audience.

You’ll need a quality website popup maker like Convertflow to apply all these best practices to any sales promotion popup you want to create.

6 sales promotion popup examples

Let’s now see these best practices in action as we consider six sale promotion popup examples from ecommerce brands.

1. Peachy Shapewear's discount popup example

This is an excellent discount popup example from Peachy Shapewear:

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Peachy
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The popup’s colors and copy are all on-brand with the rest of the website. For instance, the “Snatch 10% off” is a compelling offer that ties into the brand’s purpose of creating clothing that makes customers “feel great and sexy.”

Also, the “I want 10% off” CTA is enticing and lets visitors know they’ll be getting a discount once they provide their email address and click the button.

However, that’s not all. The popup’s secondary CTA that reads “No, I’ll pay full price” helps visitors realize they’ll be spending more or losing something instead of gaining something.

2. Kuru’s giveaway popup example

Who doesn’t want to get a shot at winning free products? Nobody.

Kuru understands this, and it’s why they’re using a giveaway popup to attract people to their list who might later become customers:

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Kuru
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Although this popup is simple, it offers visitors enough to make them want to join the email list.

The popup’s “Ready to win?” headline is enough to grab anybody’s attention and guide their gaze to bullet points highlighting other benefits of joining their email list, making for a compelling offer.

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3. Omigo’s giveaway popup example

Here’s another excellent example of a giveaway popup from Omigo:

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Omigo
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The copy for the headline highlighting the $500 gift voucher is hard to miss. Omigo also adds to its already compelling offer by offering visitors 20% off their first order.

This popup uses a time delay trigger which activates around 10 seconds after the web page loads. The 10-second delay is excellent as it allows visitors to have a chance to look around the site before the popup comes up. 

In cases where the visitor isn’t ready to take action yet, they can still find the popup on the bottom left corner of the site because it’s also a two-tap floating button:

Omigo two-tap button

The popup also aims to capitalize on people’s fear of missing out (FOMO) by mentioning when the giveaway winner will be announced.

4. Menkind’s cart abandonment popup example

Your sales promotion popups aren’t only for offering visitors discounts or giveaways. You can also use them as abandoned cart reminders.

In this example, Menkind uses a popup to remind returning visitors who have left items in their carts or basket to complete their purchase:

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Menkind cart abandonment
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The CTA copy is excellent because it urges visitors to go to their basket and complete checkout—precisely what you want them to do.

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5. Bushbalm’s sales promo popup example

“Does this product work”? That is what most people are asking as they navigate your website. 

Bushbalm answers, “Yes, it works,” and “Here’s 20% off to prove it.”

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Bushbalm
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This sales promo popup instantly resolves the objection most visitors have, and it offers a promo and discount, encouraging them to buy the product without bearing total risk.

The offer is compelling and enticing enough to make people want to click the CTA.

6. Menkind’s cross-sell popup example

Here’s another excellent popup example from Menkind—in this case, of a cross-sell:

Sales Promotion Popup Examples: Menkind cross-sell
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After adding products to your cart, Menkind immediately shows an upsell popup that displays other products that complement the one they want to buy.

This type of popup helps increase their average order value, and it can do the same for you too. 

Using images to show what the other products look like is a nice move as it lets potential customers know what they’ll be getting.


You can easily embed products into any popup or landing page with ConvertFlow's product element feature. You can even use our Shopify integration to pull in a live product feed and make use of Shopify's recommendation engine:

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Sales promotion popup templates

Ready to get started building your own sales promotion popup? We've got a whole host of ready-to-use templates in our library.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose the template you want
  • Customize for your brand
  • Launch to your website

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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