Product Launch Landing Pages

Product Launch Landing Pages

6 Product Launch Landing Page Examples to Build Excitement For Your New Campaign

Feeling the dopamine rush of launching a new product? This guide shares how to craft product launch landing pages that give potential customers the same excitement—and convinces them to signup or purchase. We’ve got examples, templates, and more.

Launching a new product is exciting. You get the dopamine rush when the product you’ve nurtured finally gets released into the world. 

But when you check back later, only a handful of people have bought the new product.

What went wrong? 

While the answer isn’t clear-cut, there is one thing that could be to blame: your product launch landing page. Perhaps it didn’t do a good enough job of convincing people they should also be excited about your new launch. 

This guide shares how to build a product launch landing page that keeps the momentum going, complete with examples of what yours could look like and templates to get you started.

What is a product launch landing page?

A product landing page is a URL that shares information about your new product. It’s a customer’s one-stop-shop to learn more about the item—including its price, availability, launch date, and why they should buy it. 

A key aspect of a product launch landing page is that it builds hype. Get your customers excited about the new product and collect email addresses of people interested. That way, when you do hit the launch button, you’ll have a ready-made audience waiting to hit “purchase.”

Product launch landing page best practices

Before we get into the examples, let’s cover which best practices you should keep in mind when creating your own product launch landing page.

  • Make the value proposition clear. This is especially important if you’re launching a new product that nobody has heard of. Why should they take notice of it? Pull on this at various points on the page. 
  • Show countdown timers. If the product you’re promoting is set to launch soon, build anticipation by showing people how long they have to wait—and when to come back.  
  • Include email opt-in forms. Even if the product you’re announcing isn’t exciting enough to make a visitor buy the item, convince them to opt-in to email marketing messages. You’ll have a way to communicate with them directly in the future.
  • Show social proof. If you’re launching a new digital product, for example, mentioning how it was the #1 product of the day on ProductHunt is a great boost of confidence.
  • Include multiple calls-to-action (CTAs). The most important is above the fold. But as people scroll to learn more about the new product, give them a way to join the waitlist or purchase the product without scrolling back up.
  • Build excitement. Use imagery and copywriting to build excitement for the upcoming product—tell people why the product is worth waiting for and the problem(s) it's going to solve.

6 product launch landing page examples

A product launch landing page can include these best practices and still look totally different. Let’s take a look at six examples you can draw inspiration from when creating your own product launch landing page.

1. HVMN product launch landing page example

This product launch landing page from HVMN is a masterclass in building hype before a new product is available to buy:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: HVMN
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The CTA pushes people to reserve a spot on the waitlist—something which 30,000+ people have already joined. Visitors feel like they’re missing out if they don’t join the club. 

The value proposition of HVMN’s new product is also clear at various points on the page. From optimizing blood ketone levels to supporting cognitive health, there are clear and obvious reasons for someone to join the waitlist.

2. Sproos product launch landing page example

Here’s another great example of a product launch landing page from Sproos:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: Sproos
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At first glance, it looks exactly like a standard product landing page. But take a closer look and you’ll see the main CTA says “pre-order”. The brand is selling soon-to-launch products before they’re able to be shipped.

There’s also a sticky bar that encourages people to pre-order the new product. The "free shipping on all pre-orders" note incentivizes people to reserve the item before it sells out, creating a sense of urgency.

3. Apple product launch landing page example

Apple gives masterclasses in product launches every time it announces a new item. Its recent MacBook Pro launch was no different. 

The landing page for the new MacBook Pro follows the brand’s signature style: clean, clear, and easy to understand:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: Apple
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There’s also a sticky bar above the fold to create a sense of urgency. Anyone interested in the new launch needs to buy now to guarantee Christmas delivery.

Scroll through the product launch landing page and you’ll also notice comparison tables:

MacBook comparison tables

It’s hard for a customer to know which product is the right one for them, especially if there are multiple versions of the same new item. This table helps visitors make that decision, while subtly promoting its most expensive MacBook Pro as the best one.

4. Huel product launch landing page example

Huel recently launched new flavors of its protein bars. What’s great about the product launch landing page is that despite the bars being sold in boxes of 12, it encourages people to spend more:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: Huel
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The two-box minimum order and pre-selected subscription option are both upsell tactics you can use to increase average order value (AOV). 

There’s also a bonus incentive (a free branded Huel t-shirt) to encourage new customers to place their first order.

5. Boohoo MAN product launch landing page example

Build excitement—and subsequently, your email list—by gating some information about the new product behind an email opt-in form. 

The page announcing Boohoo MAN’s new NFT collection, for example, didn’t make it easy for people to buy the product it was launching. Instead, interested shoppers had to enter their email address to join the waitlist:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: Boohoo MAN
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That gave the brand a way to directly communicate with potential customers after they exited the product launch landing page.

6. Thirdweb product launch landing page example

Product launch landing pages aren’t just reserved for established brands. Create one if you’re a brand new business launching something for the first time, like Thirdweb:

Product Launch Landing Page Examples: Thirdweb
See full page

Remember how we’d mentioned that the value proposition of your new product needs to be immediately clear and obvious? The fact that customers can “build web3 apps easily” is mentioned multiple times on the product page.

Anyone landing on the URL knows exactly what the business does—even if they’ve never heard of Thirdweb before.

Product launch landing page templates

There’s no doubt that a product launch landing page can work wonders. Build excitement about the new launch, get people subscribed to your email list, and drive sales—all by crafting a well-designed landing page.

So, how do you make yours?

Spoiler alert: the answer isn’t “spend time trying to become a graphic designer and fail miserably.”

The ConvertFlow template library has pre-made landing page templates to use as the foundation when announcing your product launch.

Simply upload your brand colors, talk about your upcoming product, and connect it with your website builder in just a few clicks.

Here are a few to get you started:

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