Mortgage Landing Pages

Mortgage Landing Pages

6 Mortgage Landing Page Examples (Conversion Tips & Templates Included)

Do you sell mortgages, or compare different lenders, on your website? People are looking for that information in search engines; a mortgage landing page is how you’ll meet them there. This guide shares six mortgage landing page examples to draw inspiration from, plus bonus templates to make your own.

People looking for mortgage advice usually head to one place: search engines.

They want to collect advice from different lenders, and have all of their questions answered before trusting to take out a loan with one.

To be in with a shot of reaching their shortlist, you need something to catch their attention in the search engine results page. A mortgage landing page does exactly that.

In this post, we look at six mortgage landing page examples to help spark some ideas. Plus, we've got a bunch of customizable templates so you can get started on your own in no time.

What is a mortgage landing page?

A mortgage landing page is a page on your website that tells everyone what they need to know about taking out a mortgage—be that with you, or a selection of trusted lenders. It’s a homeowner’s one-stop-shop for learning about mortgages.

This type of landing page usually helps attract people using search engines. The goal is to have your mortgage landing page appear for any mortgage-related terms, like “mortgages in Mexico” or “mortgages for over 60s.”

However, you can run traffic from any channel to them—as long as visitors are looking to solve a mortgage-related problem and you have a solution, your page will be useful.

What to include on a mortgage landing page

Now we know what a mortgage landing page is, let’s talk about the things you’ll need on yours.

First of all:

It’s worth remembering that a mortgage is a high-ticket item. Buyers are very wary about getting the wrong one, and being locked into a sky high interest rate for years to come. So, they do research—using mortgage landing pages and resources from several lenders.

Because of the pressure homeowners put on themselves to find the right mortgage, you need to build trust with them on your landing page. You can do that using:

  • Transparency (like any deals or incentives you’re promoting)
  • Trust badges (like banking or insurance awards you’ve won)
  • Social proof (like testimonials from happy customers)

The more credible you can make your mortgage landing page, the more chance you have at converting the people landing there.

Secondly, it's worth remembering that mortgages can be complex things for consumers to get their head around. The more you can simplify the process and understanding (while still communicating your value) on your mortgage landing page, the more likely people are to convert.

6 mortgage landing page examples

A good mortgage landing page instils trust in the person viewing it. Let’s take a look at six mortgage landing page examples that do this well.

1. TSB’s mortgage landing page

We’ve already touched on the fact that mortgage landing pages need to answer people’s questions. They might even bookmark the page for any questions they want answering later.

This example from TSB shows that in practice:

It includes everything someone would want to know about mortgages, with a built-in mortgage calculator on the landing page itself—helping people prequalify and see how much they can borrow:

TSB mortgage calculator

TSB also has three buttons to select which type of mortgage you want:

TSB mortgage personas

They lead you to other landing pages specifically written for first-time buyers, people moving home, and those remortgaging a current property.

2. PNC’s mortgage landing page

Do your customers know what the process of getting a mortgage looks like? This example from PNC walks visitors through the entire process—starting with their pre-approval service, right the way through to working with a loan officer:

But what’s interesting about this mortgage landing page example is that it shows legal disclosures obviously on the page. Going back to the fact a mortgage is a high ticket item, potential buyers would need to know this information before going ahead. They’ll also appreciate the transparency.

3. NatWest’s first-time buyer mortgage landing page

Similar to the TSB example, NatWest has created a landing page for a specific type of mortgage they offer: first-time buyer mortgages:

Above the fold (and one of the first things a visitor sees when they land on the page) are incentives. You’ll see a chance to win cash and links to get an offer.

There’s also a sense of urgency: should you apply for a mortgage before their deadline, you’ll miss upcoming stamp duty fees.

4. SoFi’s mortgage landing page

Here’s a superb mortgage landing page example to show that finance-related topics don’t have to be boring:

SoFi uses a clever headline to catch someone’s attention straight away. They also promise to solve a customer’s pain point in the description: they’ll help you get a mortgage without the stress and hidden fees.   

Below the main section is a 5* rating from Zillow, a company their audience already knows and trusts.

Then, as customers scan down the page, they’re greeted with an incentive. SoFi members can get a $500 discount on their loan processing fee. All of this builds trust with the visitor without even needing to scroll.

5. Bank of America’s mortgage rates page

We’ve already touched on the fact that people are wary when buying a mortgage. They want to know they’re getting a good interest rate before thinking about applying for one.

This landing page from Bank of America eases that problem:

It has a built-in calculator that shows the interest rate and estimated monthly payments, based on the purchase price and downpayment of a property.

Once someone has decided that interest rate suits them, they’ll begin to scroll down the mortgage landing page. Bank of America captures them just before the bottom with a list of FAQs. That way, customers get answers that make them feel more confident in getting a home loan from them.

6. MoneySuperMarket’s mortgage comparison page

Do you have a website comparing different mortgages? A recent study revealed that 15% of homeowners found their lender by comparing mortgages from national and local providers, using comparison pages like these.

MoneySuperMarket aligns with this trend by providing a landing page with built-in comparison guide:

Even though MoneySuperMarket doesn't offer mortgages itself, the page compares over 90 lenders and presents a potential customer with the best options for them.

Mortgage landing page templates

Ready to take these examples as inspiration and create your own mortgage landing page?

The good news is: you don’t need to be a skilled web developer to make one. Inside the ConvertFlow library, you’ll find tons of pre-made, professionally-designed landing page templates.

Each is completely customizable using our visual editor. Just drop your own content in the sections we’ve saved for headlines, descriptions, social proof, and more.

Then, add it to your website and start driving traffic!

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