Medical Landing Pages

Medical Landing Pages

Medical Landing Page Examples & Templates

Need inspiration for your medical landing page? Check out these examples, template and tips for building your medical landing page

Planning to create a landing page for your medical business? 

It’s a URL on your website that explains a specific service. You’ll need one for any type of medical business—from private hospitals to chiropractors. 

The job of a medical landing page is to communicate lots of important information in regards to your health and wellness marketing. You’ll talk about your service, pricing, and important health information. But that means it’s overwhelming to write one… nevermind design one that encourages your customers to enquire about your services.

We’re here to help. 

Why medical practices need landing pages

Before we dive in with a practical guide on creating your medical landing page, let’s take a look at why they’re so important.

We already know that a medical landing page covers important information about one of your health-related services. This landing page URL is the equivalent of a product page for an ecommerce shop: it’s your chance to communicate with your clients before they buy—and encourage them to do so from your practice, rather than a competitor.

You can use medical landing pages for various purposes, like the basis of an advertising campaign. Let’s say that you’re a dentist with a medical landing page about tooth removal. Any marketing campaigns you do, such as:

  • Social media advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Billboards

...would direct people to that specific landing page. It’s tailored to exactly what they’re looking for, and the content of your advert. 

A similar concept applies to SEO. Using the same tooth removal example, you’ll have a designated page on your website that talks about your tooth removal services in Chicago. Someone typing “tooth removal in Chicago” would find your page. But without a landing page for that specific medical procedure, you wouldn’t catch their attention.

The bottom line? A medical landing page talks about a specific treatment. You’ll use one to drive targeted traffic there; potential clients looking for the service you’re offering.  

Medical landing page examples

Looking for inspiration on how to create a landing page for your medical business? You’re in luck. We’ve compiled some examples for you to browse through, for a variety of different medical services.

First up is this chiropractor medical landing page by The London Wellness Centre. They include a video above the fold, alongside two call-to-actions. This encourages their visitors to call them, or make an appointment online:

Your landing page doesn’t have to be explicitly related to your medical services, though. 

Take a look at this dentist landing page from the New York Dental Office. Instead of showing their service as a dentist, they’ve created a specific URL to rank for “kid-friendly dentist.” It’s not a service-specific term. Instead, their landing page helps target people searching for a child-friendly dentist in the area:

Do you offer medical services related to people’s eyes? Take a look at this optometrist landing page by Bayfield Opticians. They have a short paragraph of text that explains their unique selling point—an in-depth appointment for their eye exams. It’s hard not to want to book an appointment with them:

Similarly, here’s a physical therapist landing page by Cedars Sinai. It’s one of their many medical services on offer, but this page talks only about their physical therapy department—including what they help with, how to make an appointment, and the doctors on their team: 

Some of the medical issues you’re trying to help with are personal, emotional and difficult—such as oncology.

A superb oncologist landing page that does this well comes from HCA Healthcare. They’ve put together a landing page that explains how their process works, why they’re best-qualified to do the procedures, and an easy way to make an appointment:

Finally, we’ve got an orthodontist landing page for you to draw inspiration from if you’re in this medical field. The team at Battle Orthodontics have a landing page to share their treatment options; a breakdown of each service they’re offering to their patients in an easy-to-digest way.

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How to create a medical landing page

Have you got tons of inspiration to create your own medical landing page? Chances are, you’ve got a solid understanding of what to include. The only problem is that you’re not quite sure where to start.

Don’t panic. We’ve got a bunch of professionally-designed landing page templates to help you get started. Each of our templates are fully customizable, too. You can add your own brand colors, text, and logos. Your patients would never know the landing page they’re viewing was created from a template.

Here's a free services landing page template, which you can easily adjust the text for your medical practice:

Or, if you’d rather start from scratch, you can do that inside ConvertFlow by creating a blank landing page.

Simply create your own landing page and edit the content however you prefer. The block-building editor makes it easy to view your changes as you make them.

Once you’re ready to publish your medical landing page, preview it and check the nuts and bolts are working—including links, photos, and text sizes on various devices. If all looks good, you’re ready to move to the next stage.

How to promote a medical landing page

Great job! You’ve created a bunch of medical landing pages for each of your key services. Next, you’ll need to work on driving your ideal patients in that direction.

There are various ways to do this, such as:

  • Add some on-page SEO: Do some research to find which keywords your target patient is searching for. Then, make sure those phrases are in the heading, meta tags, and content of your medical landing page. That way, Google will see your URL should be ranked for terms like “eye exams” or “orthodontist near me.”
  • Link to your medical landing page from other URLs: Chances are, you’ve got a bunch of pages on your website—including blog posts, contact pages, and your homepage. Go back through your old content and see if there’s a way to link to your new medical landing pages in that content. It’ll help more visitors (and Google) find the service-specific page. 
  • Add it to your navigation bar: You might have hundreds of potential patients visiting your website each month. But if you don’t make it easy for them to find a medical landing page for the exact service they need, they might exit—and head to a competitor who does. The easiest way to prevent this is by adding links to your new landing pages in your navigation bar.

There’s no doubt that any medical business needs a landing page for each service they’re offering. Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, or anything in between, start creating your landing pages today. You’ll soon start to see more patients enquire about your service.

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