Health & Fitness Landing Pages

Health & Fitness Landing Pages

6 Health & Fitness Landing Pages That Convert (Examples & Templates)

Looking for a simple way to communicate your fitness products or healthcare services with potential customers? In this guide, find six health and fitness landing page examples to help you do that, with bonus templates to get you started.

It’s hard enough to drive traffic to your website. That’s without throwing in the fact that you’re, as a health & fitness business, operating in a highly regulated and competitive market.

Brands in the health and fitness industry need a quick, simple way to communicate their products or services to potential customers. The goal? To divert traffic to a website and collect their information for future retargeting or drive a sale.

A health and fitness landing page does exactly that.

Want to build your own? This guide shares the best practices for creating a health and fitness landing page, complete with examples and templates to get you started.

What is a health and fitness landing page?

A health and fitness landing page is a URL that people visit when looking for a specific product or service within the health & fitness industry. Businesses often use them for traffic from social media, ads, or search engines—especially if it’s optimized for SEO.

For example: a gym might create a fitness landing page for each of its locations. Someone searching for “gyms in Dallas” would see the gym’s landing page in their list of search results. Now they know the gym exists, and after visiting the landing page, they’ve booked a free induction. 

Health landing pages best practices

Trust is a big thing to convey for anyone in the health and fitness industry. Customers need to be confident in choosing the right person, product, or service for their needs. 

Here’s how you can convey that on your landing page: 

  • Show your expertise. Include any achievements you’ve had in the health and fitness industries, like a best-selling book or years of experience.
  • Highlight your credentials. Facts don’t lie. Show your qualifications, awards, or accolades to make people trust the product or service you’re promoting on the landing page.
  • Feature social proof. 93% of people rely on customer reviews to make purchasing decisions. Give social proof—like reviews, celebrity and influencer endorsements—there and then, instead of forcing them off your site to search for it.

6 health & fitness landing page examples

Before we get into the practical steps of creating a health and fitness landing page, let’s take a look at six examples and why they work so well.

1. GymGuyz personal trainer landing page

If you're running a personal training business, you need to think about the problems your target client is dealing with. Boring workouts? Unable to find a trainer they trust? No time to visit the gym? 

Take one glance at GymGuyz’s website and those problems will be diminished, if not solved entirely:

Health Landing Pages: GymGuyz
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Its health and fitness landing page is packed with social proof and testimonials, with a unique value proposition in the headline: “We bring the workout to you.”

There’s also a background video that educates first-time visitors on its training programs—take a look at the live version here to see that in action. Nobody leaves the landing page questioning why they should consider GymGuyz as a gym-free personal training option.

2. Healthline physician search landing page

Speaking of location-based searches, Healthline connects people with local healthcare professionals through its landing page.

Visitors can enter their location and the service they’re looking for. All results are then shown on a map:

Health Landing Page Examples: Healthline
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What’s great about this example, though, is its use of social proof.

Remember: people in the healthcare industry need to show their credentials. Healthline helps them do this by showing star ratings, customer reviews, and years of experience directly on the landing page.

3. Clue health app landing page

Clue’s mobile app helps women track their period. To keep things short and to the point, the brand uses that one-liner as its health landing page headline:

Health Landing Page Examples: Clue
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Despite the incredible layout of its health landing page, Clue knows that not everyone who views it will download the app there and then. Instead of letting those people leave, there’s a handy feature beneath the call to action; people can text themselves a reminder to download the app later.

4. Nike 5K training plan landing page

Here’s another excellent example of a fitness landing page. Sportswear brand Nike has an app that runs (literally!) alongside its ecommerce store.

The app is home to running plans, training tips, and workouts for people getting into fitness.

To raise awareness of the app, Nike built a landing page for each benefit it helps with—like training for their first 5K:

Health Landing Page Examples: Nike 5K
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The page has helpful paragraphs that almost mimic a blog post. Further down, there's endorsements from celebrity coaches, a program overview, and calls to action to download the app.

Combined, all of these elements influence someone into converting from website visitor to app user.

5. Livestrong “Eat Better” health landing page

Another superb way to use a health landing page is focusing the topic around a challenge or goal your potential customers are looking to solve or achieve.

Livestrong, for example, knows its target audience wants to eat better. So, the brand created a landing page containing articles, tools, and resources to help them do that:

Health Landing Page Examples: Livestrong
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This approach works best when you use the landing page topic to personalize the experience.

Show a healthy eating-related popup, quiz, or lead magnet on the landing page. This way, you’ll get visitors to complete the goal (or join your email list) by giving an offer they can’t refuse.

6. Headspace meditation app landing page

Searching for a masterclass in health landing page design? Look no further than Headspace, which creates landing pages for each of the solutions it helps app users with, from meditation to sleep and stress management. 

Take its meditation landing page as an example:

Health Landing Page Examples: Headspace
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Above the fold is a video answering common meditation questions and an example of the 20-minute guided meditation users will find in the app. Showing these above the fold is a bold move. 

Within seconds, Headspace has helped visitors overcome two obstacles—not knowing what meditation is or why they should do it.

Health and fitness landing page templates

Before you rush to create your health and fitness landing page from scratch, we have some good news for you:

The ConvertFlow library is home to several professionally-designed landing page templates. Each can be tweaked to match your branding and uploaded to your website domain in a matter of clicks—no advanced coding necessary.

To get started, just choose a template and start customizing with ConvertFlow's drag-and-drop builder.

Here are a few template ideas to choose from:

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