Ecommerce Product Pages

Ecommerce Product Pages

6 of the Best Ecommerce Product Page Examples to Help You Drive More Revenue

Want more conversions on your store's product pages? In this guide, we look at six of the best ecommerce product page examples you can use for inspiration—along with best practices and templates.

Product pages are the cornerstone of your ecommerce website. They’re what do the persuasive heavy-lifting to make sales happen.

But, if you’re like most brands we talk to, your product pages aren’t converting as much as they should be.

There are a whole host of things that go into producing a high-performing product page:

  • The page layout and design
  • The copy
  • Headline and value proposition
  • Pageload speed and UX
  • Button placements and calls-to-action

And more!

In this post, we’ll guide you through the key components of an ecommerce product page. We’ll share six examples of brands that do them well, along with templates to help you get started right away.

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What is an ecommerce product page?

Ecommerce product pages typically include your product name, pricing information, a description, customer reviews, and a list of features like material, specs, or size. They're intended to be the final destination page on your site where customers will learn more about specific items and hopefully add them to their cart.

Note: If you are driving cold traffic to your site through paid ads, you’ll often want to send them first to a presell page.

Key components of an ecommerce product page that converts

If you want to drive more conversions and sales, here are some best practices to include on your product pages. 

  • Clear benefit-driven product copy. A compelling product description can make or break the sale. Instead of simply describing the product specs, explain what it does, who it is for, what problem it solves, and any additional benefits for your ideal customer. 
  • Make it easy to buy from you. There’s no point in having a product page if your customer can’t figure out where to buy the product or add it to their cart. Remember clarity over cleverness both for your copy and your UX.
  • Great imagery. Clear, high-resolution product images help the customer see exactly what they’re getting. Blurry photos can give the impression that the product is of poor quality and not worth taking a chance on. You can enhance your product images using a free and powerful photo editor. Additionally, if you have multiple related SKUs (think different colors or sizes of the same product), be sure to add photos of each option. In addition to good photos, a clear product video can help sell your product. Plus, it can better depict what the product will be like when it arrives by showing all angles of the product in use.
  • Display social proof. The most obvious way to do this is through customer reviews, which lend credibility to the product. Many potential customers do their product research through customer reviews. Make it easy to leave a review on your page and ensure that existing reviews are highly visible.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is particularly important if you are selling a commodity. You must clearly articulate why people should buy from your company rather than a competitor.


Want to see how an expert approaches product page conversion optimization? Check out this video teardown of from 15-year CRO veteran, Rich Page:

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6 Ecommerce product page examples

Now that you know what a product page is, here are six examples of excellent product pages to inspire you:

1. Liquid Death’s multiple purchase options product page

Liquid Death is doing a lot of good things on its product page. It’s visually appealing, easy to navigate, and the copy is on-brand:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Liquid Death
See full page

However, the call-to-action is the top component of this product page lending to conversions.

The primary “BUY ON AMAZON” button is prominent and clear—along with a nod to free Prime shipping and subscribe & save savings in the sub-text. But there's also a visual list of retailers that carry their product in the “OTHER PLACES TO BUY” section underneath:

Liquid Death other retail outlets section

The site picks up each visitor's location and gives purchase options that are within an accessible distance.

Plus, the list of vendor logos is easy to scan, and the retailers’ prices are included for the customer to compare. Each retailer is hyperlinked, so you can go directly to their site to buy the product.

All this means Liquid Death has eliminated friction in the buying process by making it easy to buy its product from multiple retailers and price compare at the same time.

2. Anese’s ecommerce product page example

The strength of Anese’s product page comes from its cheeky copy and amusing product descriptions. The brand personality shines through in everything from the product name to their authentic way of describing what their products do:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Anese
See full page

The instructions and uses for the product are straightforward: “Just apply directly to cellulite, stretch marks, or any areas that need a little TLC to reveal silky-smooth and supple skin.” You know exactly what to expect from the product by its description.

In addition to excellent copy, the design makes good use of white space for a clean, minimalistic design that lets the cheerful colors of their products pop.

3. Dr. Squatch’s descriptive ecommerce product page

It can be challenging to sell a scent online where customers can’t test the product with their own noses. How do you explain a smell to someone that can’t smell it themselves?

Dr. Squatch does an excellent job of this through its iconography and product descriptions:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Dr. Squatch
See full page

But, the copy doesn’t just list the ingredients to get you to imagine the smell of their soap:

Dr. Squatch ingredients description

It paints a picture through words alone by setting a scene: “The tranquil and exotic scent of toasted coconut will transport you to a beach chair in the sun and revive your senses for the day ahead.” You can almost taste the Piña Colada, can’t you?

4. Chewy’s goody box product page example

The headline, or title of the product, says it all in this Chewy product:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Chewy
See full page

This bundled product title tells prospects that everything in the box will be appropriate for their puppy. It includes puppy toys, treats, and potty training products.

The header itself is concise and a good summary of the bundle, so the items inside make sense. 

As you can see in the product details, reading further down the page shows exactly what comes in the box and the savings you can expect by purchasing them as a bundle.

5. Rae Wellness’ searchable reviews product page

One way to add validity to your product is to showcase customer reviews. Rae Wellness does this well by working the reviews into the design and playing off of the description copy.

Here's the page hero section:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Rae Wellness
See full page

There's then a great reviews section with search bar and pre-set filters further down the page.

Of course, it would be nice to have a higher overall rating than 3.8. But the search functionality helps visitors find reviews that mention keywords that are important to them when making a buying decision:

Rae Wellness customer reviews section

Rae Wellness makes the reviews even more prominent by pulling out featured quotes and adding them above the full collection of reviews. They were careful to select reviews that supported the copy in the product description.

For example, the middle review here says “restful sleep,” just like the product description 😎

6. Apple’s iPhone 13 ecommerce product page

Finally, it wouldn't be a proper round-up without showing an example of an Apple product page:

Ecommerce Product Page Examples: Apple
See full page

This is the epitome of an effective product page, with Apple using a combination of:

  • striking photography;
  • interactive visuals; and
  • clear, compelling copy.

Every element of its page draws you in and becomes an experience as you scroll through with the products moving and coming to life.

The iPhone 13 Pro page shows different specs of the phone in a way that helps you experience the phone’s features without ever holding it in your hand. Every aspect of their design and copy is centered around the prestigious brand they’ve developed.

Ecommerce product page templates

Ready to create your own ecommerce product landing pages? ConvertFlow makes this process simple.  

In fact, you can choose from dozens of pre-built landing page templates or create your own design from scratch. If you're using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, you can even use ConvertFlow’s Shopify integration to place an add to cart button right on the product page to increase conversions.   

Here are some templates you can start using right now:

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