Ebook Landing Pages

Ebook Landing Pages

6 Ebook Landing Page Examples to Secure More Downloads (with Templates)

Want to capture more email downloads of your ebook? You’ll need to craft a persuasive landing page that convinces people to hand over their info. Here are 6 ebook landing page examples to spark some inspiration.

There are tons of content formats you can use to your advantage when growing a business. Ebooks are one of those: a form of gated content, usually in the form of a PDF, that website visitors can download in exchange for an email address. 

Yet to get someone to handover their information, you need to make it easy for them to do so. An ebook landing page can help you do that.

What is an ebook landing page?

Are you offering an ebook to your website visitors? The page you’re promoting it on is called an ebook landing page. It’s the page someone “lands” on to get access to it. 

An ebook landing page doesn’t just explain what the book is about, though. You can use it to collect information about your visitors, and grab their email address in return for downloading it. 

You can use this information to nurture your leads in one of the most sacred marketing places of all: their inbox.

6 ebook landing page examples

Fancy starting to take advantage of email marketing with an ebook? You’ll need to craft a landing page that convinces them to handover their information.

Let’s take a look at six B2B ebook landing page examples.

1. Salesforce’s CRM Handbook  

We’ve touched on the fact your ebook landing page needs a form for people to get download the PDF. But this example from Salesforce shows your form doesn’t need to be two simple fields: name and email address.

You can find more information about your reader, and determine whether they’re a potential lead you should follow-up with, by adding multiple fields:

Ebook Landing Page Examples: Salesforce
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2. Optimizely’s case study ebook collection

Is your ebook topic complex and niche? You’ll want readers to self-qualify on your landing page. That’s the best way to get your potential leads on your email list, whilst not building a list of people only there for the free content. 

This ebook landing page from Optimizely demonstrates how to do that. The description on the left-hand side of the page dives into exactly what the ebook covers. 

It’s incredibly easy to judge whether a reader actually wants to download the content. If they don’t, no hard feelings. It just means your list of readers who’ve given their email address are uber-relevant. That’s never a bad thing. 

Ebook Landing Page Examples: Optimizely
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3. Tomorrow People’s Rules of Content Marketing

Here’s another great example that proves your ebook landing page can be a great source of finding information about your leads.

To gain access to Tomorrow People’s ebook, you’ll need to share your company name, your job role, and your business’ main content marketing goal. This gives their team the chance to match this to lead scoring criteria, and follow-up with high-quality leads.

Ebook Landing Page Examples: Tomorrow People
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4. FreeAgent’s Guide to Freelancer Finances 

Don’t fancy collecting all that information about your leads? After all, overwhelming your potential lead with too many required fields can cause them to abandon the download entirely. (You can split-test your own ebook landing pages to see whether that’s the case for your industry.) 

Take a look at this landing page for FreeAgent’s ebook. It just asks for your email address in return for the content, which reduces the barrier to entry.

It also has a short headline, description, and image that are easy to view. That’s the bare minimum of what your ebook landing page should have.

Ebook Landing Page Examples: FreeAgent
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5. Net Solutions’ Marketing Strategies ebook

The design of your ebook landing page is just as (if not, more) important than the actual ebook you’re giving away. Why? Because if people don’t handover their email address to get access, nobody will be reading it. Poor design is a surefire way to land yourself in that situation.

Let’s take a look at this example from Net Solutions’ ebook landing page. The design is on-brand, and the headline is clear. I know exactly what I’ll get. 

Just beneath the form, you’ll also see three USPs that the ebook promises to deliver. You’ll learn why the topic is important, the changes to keep an eye on, and how to do it. Again, that makes sure the right people are downloading the ebook (and actually reading it.)

Ebook Landing Page Examples: Net Solutions
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6. Foundr’s Idea to Brand ebook 

Chances are, you’re already familiar with the idea of social proof if you’re building any type of ecommerce website. 

They’re small elements that show other people have enjoyed the thing you’re promoting; people they already know and trust. The idea is that if those influencers trust your brand, the person landing on your ebook sign-up page should, too. 

This example from Foundr proves you can apply social proof to your ebook landing pages. It can just be as simple as adding the names, photos, or logos of brands who’ve either enjoyed the ebook, or have been featured in it. 

Ebook Landing Page Examples: Foundr
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How to create an ebook landing page

Got an ebook you want to use for lead generation? Instead of adding a new page to your CMS and coding it manually, save time (and get a professionally designed page) with our ebook landing page templates.

Each is fully customizable which allows you to add your own:

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Form fields 

Simply click the section you want to edit, and add your own information. You’ll then get a code which you can embed in your website. And, with custom domains, you can use a short, catchy URL—like /ebook-download—to direct traffic to.  

Once people enter their information on your ebook landing page, you can even sync it with your email marketing platform of choice. Our integrations with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign mean you’ll get lead information imported and tagged appropriately, without cut and pasting them. 

The best part? You can use the same template as a landing page for other types of downloadable content—including white papers, industry reports, guides, and other lead magnets. Just tweak the ebook landing page to match the content you’ve got on offer. It’s that simple.

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