Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Landing Pages: 6 Epic Personalized Content Examples + Templates & Best Practices

Personalize your messaging and improve conversion rates by creating dynamic landing pages. Here are six examples of real-life dynamic landing pages to inspire you—plus, dynamic landing page templates to help you get started today.

The more relevant you can make your website to individual visitors, the more likely they are to take the next step and convert into leads, subscribers, and customers. 

But, how can you make sure your website and copy are relevant to everyone in your target audience? Simple. You create dynamic landing pages.

The messaging on such a landing page changes depending on different variables. Things like:

  • A visitor’s location
  • Search terms they used to find your site
  • The stage of your funnel they’re in

This personalizes your message, helping you speak directly to your audience—ultimately increasing the odds of conversion.

Intrigued? In this guide, we’ll show how to create such a landing page alongside six dynamic landing page examples. We’ve also got landing page templates that you can add dynamic elements into to get you going.

What is a dynamic landing page?

A dynamic landing page is a type of landing page that shows different messaging (text, headline, or call-to-action) to different people. Essentially, the messaging changes based on a visitor’s location and the keywords used in their search query.

For example:

If a visitor types in “email marketing software for small business,” a dynamic landing page can show that keyword in its headline. But if another visitor searches for “email marketing tool,” they’ll see the same landing page except its headline text will change to reflect the different keyword.

It doesn’t need to be just keyword-related changes, though. A landing page can adjust dynamically according to a whole host of things (which we’ll get into later in this guide).

Dynamic landing page best practices

When creating dynamic landing pages, keep the following three things in mind:

  1. Pay attention to page design. If your landing page isn’t designed to hold visitors’ attention, people landing on it may leave it even before reading your relevant messaging. And while you’re at it, optimize your landing page for mobile so you don’t miss out on offering relevant messaging to mobile users.
  2. Don’t overdo it with keywords. Sure, keywords are essential for optimizing a dynamic landing page in the first place. But stuffing the rest of the body text with keywords is a surefire way to lose visitors.
  3. Keep A/B testing your page. Test things like discounts and special offers to learn how well people from different locations respond to different variables.


You can easily create A/B split-tests for any campaign type (popups, landing pages, etc.) in ConvertFlow. Just duplicate your original variant, edit the creative, and track the conversion data in one place:

A/B testing in ConvertFlow

Learn more about split-testing in ConvertFlow

Dynamic landing page examples

Let’s now walk you through six real-life examples of dynamic landing pages:

1. ConvertFlow’s PPC dynamic landing page example 

Our PPC landing page for the head term “popups” turns up a dynamic page based on the exact keyword a searcher uses.

For example, for someone looking for Shopify popups, the following messaging turns up:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: ConvertFlow PPC
See full page

On the other hand, if someone searches for "popup software," they’ll see the same URL with the text at the top changing to reflect the search terms:

ConvertFlow PPC page variation

Note that there’s only one difference in the landing page—that of the text above the headline. But it can make a significant difference because a visitor sees instant congruency between what they searched for and the page they're seeing.

It no doubt plays a big part in why this page currently converts cold traffic at over 25% into account signups:

ConvertFlow page stats

In contrast, a landing page using the same text “popup software” would’ve required a visitor to further search whether the tool could help them create popups for their Shopify store. This translates to more work on a prospect’s end, reducing the odds of conversion.


You can personalize the text content on ConvertFlow landing pages (or any other campaign type) using merge tags.

These tags display data held on a visitor in ConvertFlow or in a connected integration (like Shopify cart data). In the case of the above page example, a merge tag displaying content passed over in the URL parameters is used:

URL parameter merge tag example

Learn more about using merge tags in ConvertFlow

2. Livestorm’s home page with dynamic CTA buttons

Livestorm uses a landing page that changes based on whether a site visitor is using their free account or not. 

The home page features a “sign up for free” call-to-action button:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: Livestorm
See full page

But, this is only for those who haven’t signed up for the tool yet (AKA unidentified visitors).

For a visitor who’s already a freemium user, the CTA button message changes to “Upgrade now”—therefore, speaking directly to the person. Talk about being relevant to encourage conversion!

Livestorm dynamic page example variation


Create personalized experiences for your website visitors using ConvertFlow's visitor segments. Just build a segment for the different stages of your funnel, and create embedded CTAs aimed at each segment:

Dynamic visitor segments example

Learn more about dynamic visitor segments in ConvertFlow

3. ConvertFlow’s dynamic affiliate program landing page

We also use personalized dynamic pages for our affiliate program. The default landing page looks like this—look at the text on the top left corner:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: ConvertFlow affiliate
See full page

But the copy above this landing page’s headline changes depending on who sends the affiliate partner link. There’s also a testimonial that shows up in the bottom right of the dynamic page.

So, for example, if Earnworthy shares the affiliate link with its audience, the dynamic landing page changes to reflect that:

ConvertFlow affiliate page variation

Using such a tactic to personalize your landing page is an excellent way to delight, therefore, win your target audience. 

4. Function of Beauty’s quiz-based dynamic landing pages

Another interesting dynamic landing page example is that of Function of Beauty’s ecommerce home page. Typically, the page looks like this:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: Function of Beauty
See full page

But things get interesting when site visitors enter the brand's quiz funnel and share their name. See how "Function of Beauty" changes to "Function of Masooma" (the quiz taker’s name):

Function of Beauty name in header

Again, this kind of personalization with your landing pages delights customers, making it likely for them to not only shop from you but also create affinity and "stickability" with your brand.

5. ConvertFlow’s dynamic demo scheduling landing page

What’s more, ConvertFlow’s demo scheduling page uses a dynamic page. Here’s what the page looks like to start:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: ConvertFlow demo
See full page

As a prospect enters their information, the dynamic nature of the page shows with the headline changing to show the person's name:

ConvertFlow demo page variation

But that’s not all. The landing page keeps changing by taking a visitor down different paths according to the information entered.

For example:

If someone indicates they work at an agency, they'll be asked about the number of clients they're thinking of using ConvertFlow with before being directed to book a demo of our Partner Program:

ConvertFlow Partner Program demo funnel

Non-agency prospects get segmented even further.

If you select a lower traffic tier, we'll align you with getting a demo of our Pro or Teams plans. But select a higher traffic tier and you'll be invited to book a demo with the more relevant Business Plan in mind:

ConvertFlow Business Plan demo funnel

This on-page segmentation is a great way to help people get to the right place quicker and a find a solution to their problems sooner.


You can build landing page funnels that take visitors on multiple paths like this using conditional actions in ConvertFlow. There's a whole range of conditions and actions that can be used to send people to different campaign steps and URLs every time a button is clicked:

Learn more about using conditional actions in ConvertFlow

6. Dropps’ quiz dynamic landing page example

This example comes from Dropps. Like Function of Beauty, Dropps captures a site visitor’s interest with its product recommendation quiz.

The dynamic element comes from using the quiz answers themselves to display personalized content to the visitor.

In this case, Dropps is helping people find the right laundry products from its catalog:

Dynamic Landing Page Examples: Dropps
See full page

Personalization comes into play as soon as a prospect takes the quiz and the page directs them to a different page to share customized product recommendations:

Dropps quiz product recommendations

This makes shopping easy for prospects since they know exactly what to buy, helping overcome choice paralysis.

Dropps used ConvertFlow to build this quiz and chose to send people to different URLs for the results. But, another way is to dynamically show results while still on the same quiz page URL—meaning visitors see the results without having to wait for new pages to load 🙌

Dynamic landing page templates

Ready to create dynamic landing pages for yourself? Here are a bunch of templates from ConvertFlow’s template library to get you started.

Remember to customize the template according to your visual brand identity and replace the placeholder text. After that, you’re all ready to go.

And don't forget:

You can make any ConvertFlow landing page dynamic via the merge tags, quiz & survey elements, and conditional actions mentioned in this post. Ecommerce stores using our Shopify integration may also find the products element useful for building dynamic product recommendations.

We’ll leave you with some dynamic landing pages templates to get you started:

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