Dental Landing Pages

Dental Landing Pages

6 High-Converting Dental Landing Pages (with Examples & Templates)

Got space for new patients at your dental practice? A persuasive dental landing page that showcases your services is a must-have asset. In this guide, we share what your landing page should include-with examples of what a good one looks like and templates to make your own.

There’s likely a whole host of dentists in your area for potential patients to choose from. So, how are you going to stand out?

The answer: A compelling dental landing page that showcases your value.

Looking for guidance on how to make one? This guide shares how to create a dental landing page for your clinic, alongside six high-quality examples and templates to hit the ground running.

What is a dental landing page?

A dental landing page is a page on your website that highlights one thing in great detail. Many dental offices have landing pages for their locations, features, team members, and finance plans.

The goal of a dental landing page is to make potential patients know, like, and trust you—three checkboxes your brand needs to meet to be chosen as their new dentist. 

What to include on your dental landing page

A landing page for your dental practice should feature the fundamentals of any good landing page—a strong headline, clear copy, social proof, overcoming objections, etc.

But, there are a few particular elements that need to be included on every dental landing page regardless of the page’s topic. That includes: 

  • Trust signals. Did you know that more than three-quarters of patients consult online reviews when choosing a new dentist? Make them choose your practice by highlighting customer testimonials, before and after photos, or qualifications on your dental landing page. 
  • A call-to-action. Stick with one CTA per landing page. Whether it’s “make an appointment” or “view the smile gallery,” prevent patients from experiencing the paradox of choice—where being presented with too many options makes it harder to make a decision.
  • Patient photos. A picture speaks a thousand words. Ditch the stock photos in favor of happy, smiling customers to help potential patients visualize being in their shoes. (More on this later.)
  • Insurance info. This is a big part of the decision making process for a lot of new patients in many countries (such as the US). Make it clear what insurance you do/don't take and the payment options available.

6 dental landing page examples

Now that we know what a dental landing page should include, let’s look at six examples you can draw inspiration from.

1. NY Center for Cosmetic Dentistry landing page

We’ve briefly touched on the fact that social proof is a superb way to get visitors to your new landing page engaged. This example from the NY Center for Cosmetic Dentistry shows exactly how to do it with a bold, hard-hitting customer testimonial above the fold:

Dental Landing Page Examples: NYCCD
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Naturally, people want the best. The dental clinic plays on that psychological trait with an endorsement from a brand their ideal customer already knows and trusts: The New York Magazine.

People instantly feel more at ease when they view this testimonial immediately after landing on the page.

2. RK Dental Care landing page

This dental landing page from RK Dental Care takes a different approach. Instead of shouting about the services on offer, their landing page has a clear above-the-fold appointment form that directs visitors towards making an inquiry:

Dental Landing Page Examples: RK Dental Care
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There’s also a phone number at the top for those who prefer just to call.

Not only that, the landing page makes it clear that the dental clinic accepts insurance. There’s also reassurance over COVID-19 protocols—two of which are potential obstacles in its target patient’s path:

RK Dental insurance info

To top it off, the dental landing page highlights customer reviews and introduces the dentist:

RK Dental reviews & intro to dentist

Both of these elements make the practice feel more personal and contribute to an overall exceptional landing page.

3. Greenwich Dental Health landing page

Here’s another excellent dentist landing page example from Greenwich Dental Health. This time, they use the page to give potential customers insight into one of its most popular services: Invisalign braces:

Dental Landing Page Examples: Greenwich Dental Health
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These service-specific landing pages help reach patients looking for help with one thing. By optimizing the page for that term (plus a location, if your office serves customers in a specific area), you can make your page appear in your ideal patient’s search results—when they’re actively looking for that service.

4. Bill Dorfman "meet the dentist" landing page

Choosing a new dentist isn’t an easy decision. However, a dental landing page that shows the team behind the practice shows why you’re the best clinic to help, like this example from Bill Dorfman:

Dental Landing Page Examples: Bill Dorfman
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This type of information, especially when paired with a dentist’s accreditation or qualifications, is the type of content patients likely need to see before trusting a new dentist with their teeth.

5. Lakeview Smiles "smile gallery" landing page

Take a look at any dentist website. Chances are, you’ll see a smile gallery—a collection of before and after photos of previous patient results like this one from Lakeview Smiles in Chicago:

Dental Landing Page Examples: Lakeview Smiles
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There’s a reason why these smile galleries are so popular. Not only do they show potential customers the type of dental work you do, but they also prove you can do it well:

Smile gallery before and after shots

It’s much easier to trust a new dentist when you don’t just have to take their word for their results. A photo speaks for itself.

6. Ten Dental "nervous patients" landing page

Not all of your dental landing pages have to be centered around the services you offer. This example from Ten Dental shows how to create landing pages for each customer persona—specifically nervous patients:

Dental Landing Page Examples: Ten Dental
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This landing page goes a long way in easing a common fear that affects 75% of adults. Whether a potential customer is scared of needles, noises, or pain (or all three!), creating a designated landing page that explains how you help nervous patients is a superb way to make them feel more confident about booking an appointment.

Dental landing page templates

There’s no doubt that a dental landing page is an ideal way to communicate with potential patients looking for the services you offer.

So, are you convinced to create (or improve) yours? If so, you’re in the right place.

Your ConvertFlow account gives you access to hundreds of landing page templates, each of which can be fully customized to reflect the dental services you offer—like this one:

Simply choose a template, upload your content, and use an integration to embed the new dental landing page on your website—no coding (or hard work) required.

Here are a few more templates to choose from:

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