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Ecommerce Popup #1 – The Shopper Segmentation Survey

Jonathan Denney

Co-Founder & CTO at ConvertFlow.

Have you ever been to the Apple store? Of course you have.

Let’s compare that to Walmart. When you walk into Walmart, there are products everywhere and no real guided process to help you find what you’re looking to buy.

Trying to find assistance is hard. You’re basically on your own shopping, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you leave.

Walking into the Apple store is a different experience to say the least.

As soon as you walk in, one of their friendly “geniuses” greets you, asks you a question, and then guides you to the right product section, based on your answer.

Much better, right? Be Apple, not Walmart!

If you have multiple products, this sort of personalized experience is exactly how your ecommerce store’s home page should work for new visitors.

The fastest way to deliver a personalized experience to shoppers right now, without having to redesign your entire home page, is to launch this segmentation survey template below

This segmentation survey popup template greets shoppers and shows them options they can select.

When a shopper selects an option, you can redirect them to the right product category on your website based on their answer.

Here’s how to set this up in ConvertFlow:

Step 1) Use this link to get the segmentation survey popup template for free. If you have already signed up for a ConvertFlow account, using this link will import the CTA into your website.

You’ll be taken right into the ConvertFlow CTA builder where you can edit the template.

Step 2) Edit the text of each button option.

Step 3) For each button, modify the redirect URL by clicking the blue “Confirmation Actions” button to the right and then adjusting the redirect URL.

Step 4) If you need fewer than 3 buttons, remove a button by selecting it and then clicking “Remove”. Or, if you need more than 3 buttons, select a button and then duplicate it.

Step 5) Save/publish your changes, and then click “Preview” to see how it works.

Step 6) Click “Launch” and then add an “If page is” targeting condition for your home page URL.

Step 7) Last step! Now, click the toggle to active the popup campaign.

If you haven’t already set up ConvertFlow on your website, you’ll then be given your ConvertFlow script.

One it’s installed, your popup will show live and it will start guiding visitors to the right product pages based on their challenge.

To see how it’s converting, head to your CTA’s “Overview” page.

You’ll find high level conversion rate stats.

To see how many people are selecting each option, click on the “Reports” button inside Variant A and you’ll be displayed a breakdown of each button option.

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