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6 Real-Life Call-to-Action Examples to Use in Your Black Friday & Holiday Marketing

Looking for a high-converting call-to-action to roll out this Black Friday and Holiday period? Or just some general marketing inspiration?

The six campaigns below have got you covered.

We absolutely love seeing what the innovative marketers in our community are able to create when given the right tools. So, we sifted through ConvertFlow to find some stellar CTA examples working right now to capture leads and increase sales.

Note: We don’t discuss exact conversion rates below in order to protect the creators. Just trust us when we say that each of the CTAs mentioned has been converting extremely well 😎

1. Recommendation quiz by Amelia Gray Skincare

CTA Type: Quiz
: Amelia Gray Skincare
: Product Quiz

Many people arrive on beauty ecommerce sites not knowing exactly what product will solve their individual needs. And the last thing they really want to do is read through every single product description to decipher the best option for themselves.

This recommendation quiz from Amelia Gray Skincare is a perfect solution.

It appears after only a few seconds of being on the homepage:

Amelia Gray Skincare quiz step 1

In most cases, a popup that appears so soon would be deemed annoying. But this one is actually very welcoming because of how useful it is in solving our product overwhelm problem.

New visitors are landing on Amelia Gray’s site asking the exact question that’s in the headline.

Once you start the quiz, you’re taken through a series of questions asking about your specific skin problems and conditions:

Amelia Gray Skincare quiz step 2

Amelia Gray cleverly uses the quiz’s penultimate step to gate the answers and capture email leads. Then, after entering your email, you see a final step that does two things:

  1. Agitates the problem a little more
  2. Offers the solution by linking to a specific product bundle
Amelia Gray Skincare final quiz step

A product quiz can be a great way to guide your BFCM and holiday season visitors towards the sales and offers most relevant to them. Think about how your product catalog can be easily broken down into categories or interests, then guide your potential customers with a set of specific questions.


Don’t forget to store the audience segmentation data you collect on your visitors throughout the quiz. This allows you to retarget to cart abandoners with a more relevant message, and also grow the lifetime value of customers by upselling and cross-selling them similar products.

Learn more about survey segmentation with this help guide

2. Failed payment popup by Nectar Sleep

CTA Type: Popup
: Nectar Sleep
: Exit Popup

Sometimes people desperately want your product, but can’t afford to pay for it with one up-front charge. This is especially true when you’re selling something slightly more expensive.

Enter: payment plans and monthly billing options.

Nectar Sleep’s main product starts at $1,198 for a queen-size mattress—an amount not everyone has the ability to dish out in one go.

But, Nectar does a great job making sure these people don’t fall through the cracks. When someone’s card fails at the payment stage of checkout, they’re met with this popup:

Nectar Sleep failed payment popup

The key here is in when the popup appears.

Nectar’s payment plan options are all over the website and checkout. But someone may not have really considered these methods until a charge actually fails to process.

Rather than admitting defeat and losing someone so close to buying, Nectar clearly directs them to a place where the sale can be salvaged.

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3. Embedded form content upgrade by Falcon.io

CTA Type: Form
Website: Falcon.io
Template: Content Upgrade Form

If someone’s taken the time to read an entire blog post, there’s a good chance they’re going to be interested in getting more content from you. So embedding a form at the end of your posts can be an excellent conversion strategy.

This is something Falcon.io does perfectly in this example:

Falcon.io embedded form content upgrade 1

We love the design here—it’s bright, eye-catching, and has a clear headline that’s focused on solving a problem. It’s also offering an actual lead magnet (with a nice image), rather than a generic ‘blog subscribe’ box.

But the best thing?

It’s a targeted CTA set to only appear on specific posts.

For example, the above lead magnet appears on this post about doing a social media audit. Whereas this post about social media for agencies has this form at the bottom:

Falcon embedded form content upgrade 2

Again, nicely designed. But it’s highly relevant to the reader of that specific post—making it much more likely to convert.

If you get a good amount of traffic to your blog, try dividing your posts into categories. It could be types of product in your ecommerce store, features of your SaaS, or consulting services you offer.

Then create a specific, problem-solving lead magnet for each broad category. And offer each lead magnet at the end of all the relevant posts.


You can use ConvertFlow’s area snippets to define the section underneath your blog posts. This allows you to roll out embedded forms to this section, with different forms appearing on specific URLs and/or to particular visitors.

Learn more about embedded forms with this help guide

4. Multi-step discount popup by Numan

CTA Type: Popup
Website: Numan
Template: Business Newsletter Popup

Numan offers subscription treatments for common male health problems—hair loss, smoking addiction, erectile problems, etc.

Visitors get hit with a simple discount coupon popup right off the bat, getting them in the buying mindset:

Numan popup step 1

Enter an email, and you’re informed that your code will be applied automatically at checkout–a pretty standard practice.


There’s no point just hoping people add products to the checkout and make use of the code. This second step in the popup actually has a call-to-action of its own, pushing visitors towards a consultation quiz:

Numan popup step 2

From here, each person is asked a series of questions about the specific kind of problems they’re facing—meaning Numan can recommend the right treatment:

Numan consultation quiz

Notice how quickly Numan takes people from unknown visitor, to segmented browser, to potential customer? All because of an engaging popup and a prescriptive mindset.

5. Targeted webinar site message by Close.com

CTA Type: Site message
Website: Close.com
Template: Event Registration Site Message

At first glance, this seems like a crazy simple site message popup from Close.com (a SaaS company offering an excellent sales CRM).

Scroll down one of the site’s product pages, and you’ll see a message appear down the right sidebar pushing you to a webinar:

Close.com site message

But, there are three particular things we love about this CTA:

  1. The targeting
  2. When it triggers
  3. The kind of webinar in the offer

Firstly, it only appears on product pages. In other words, the website pages people go on when they are getting towards the bottom of Close.com’s funnel—and therefore might have a genuine interest in the product.

Secondly, the message is triggered by scroll-point and doesn’t appear until you get almost to the very bottom of the page.


Because there are other CTAs on these pages, too—ones that might get people to sign up sooner than if they attended a webinar. So, Close is using this webinar almost as a ‘backup CTA’ in order to engage people who are still on the fence about signing up.

Finally, the webinar isn’t some top of the funnel ‘tips’ workshop. It’s pretty much a group demo of the product—perfect for people at this stage of the funnel.

6. Sticky bar coupon codes by Talkspace

CTA Type: Sticky bar
Website: Talkspace
Template: Promotional Campaign Sticky Bar

Talkspace is a productized SaaS company offering online therapy and counseling via video calls. And this sticky bar from them is another example of some simple, yet highly effective targeting with a call-to-action.

Take a look at this first sticky bar pushing a promo code on Talkspace’s ‘psychiatry’ product page:

Talkspace CARE code sticky bar

It offers a coupon code to use at checkout. But the code itself isn’t just a random bunch of numbers—it’s a word (“CARE”) that Talkspace wants this product to be associated with.

Now let’s look at the coupon code on the company’s sleep therapy page:

Talkspace SLEEP coupon code sticky bar

And again on the page for new moms suffering from postpartum depression:

Talkspace MOMLIFE coupon code sticky bar

These may be really subtle changes. But, pretty much everyone looks at a promo code. So Talkspace uses this marketing real estate to connect with potential customers—something especially important for a sensitive topic like therapy and mental health.

This whole concept can be transferred over to Black Friday sales, Holiday ecommerce offers, or just discounts throughout the year.

Use every opportunity possible to connect with your potential customers on a deeper level. Targeted coupon codes can be a great way to do this.

Final thoughts

These are just a few examples of how our community of marketers is crafting some highly successful calls-to-action in ConvertFlow.

Hopefully, you can use them as inspiration for your own marketing—whether that be for Black Friday Weekend, the Holiday period, or beyond. Either way, the fundamental principles remain the same:

  • Connect with your customer
  • Be as targeted and personalized as possible
  • Know where they are in the funnel

Ready to get started on a campaign? Browse our template library to easily customize and launch your own CTA.

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