Your Shopify funnel optimized on autopilot

Your Shopify conversion funnel launched, split-tested, and personalized to maximize revenue from every shopper segment – completely done for you.

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What’s included

The all-in-one funnel builder for Shopify
ConvertFlow builder
Dedicated Funnel Manager
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Your funnel launched for you
Funnel step examples
Ongoing optimization of your funnel
Ecommerce conversion funnel
Upgrade your store’s funnel

If your store is missing any of the campaigns below, then you’re leaving money on the table

After iOS 14, gone are the days of heavily relying on Facebook and Google ads to drive all your growth. Today, brands need to upgrade from basic stores to a personalized ecommerce funnel that maximizes revenue from each shopper segment.

ConvertFlow's ecommerce conversion funnel
Funnel your shoppers from visit to purchase

Ditch one-off popup tactics and unlock more revenue from your store with a personalized funnel

Delivering a personalized shopping experience that guides shoppers from visit to purchase is the fastest way to increase sales, ROAS, and combat rising ad costs.

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Stop wasting time guessing what works

We’ve distilled the top converting strategies from over 30,000 brands into a funnel we can launch for you in days

We study in real-time what’s working across thousands of brands that are using ConvertFlow, and build world-class software to empower our customers and team to drive growth quickly. We’ll launch your first funnel in record time, and optimize your campaigns to maximize results.


Your funnel will include the top campaigns Shopify stores need to drive more sales, AOV and ROAS

Campaign examples

Here’s how it works

Done for you

Supercharge your email & SMS list growth with an offer campaign

We’ll build you a behavior-triggered offer campaign that captures key subscriber data for email & SMS marketing.

Compelling on-brand design
Targeting rules engage the right shoppers
Campaign triggered based on customer behavior
Syncs with Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript & Shopify
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Product recommendation quiz pathways example
Done for you

Guide shoppers to the right products quickly with a quiz

We’ll create an interactive product quiz for your customers that increases sales by personalizing their shopping experience across your store, as well as your email & SMS flows using the quiz data collected.

Browse Abandonment
Done for you

Increase adds to cart with browse abandonment campaigns

Engage shoppers on product and collection pages with browse abandonment campaigns that drive add to carts or guide shoppers to recommended items.

Syncs with Shopify products & discount codes
Control which products show, recommend products based on quiz results, or let Shopify’s recommendation engine decide.
Dynamic countdown timers show shoppers how long their offer is active.
Cart abandonment popup example
Upsell offer image
Done for you

Grow AOV with personalized one-click upsell offers

We’ll build you a personalized upsell popup that dynamically updates to show complimentary products to the item your customers add to cart.

Triggers on cart page or across site when a product is added to cart.
Customers can add products to their cart in a click
“Add all to cart” boosts AOV on customers who love all of your recommendations.
Done for you

Increase checkouts with cart abandon campaigns

We’ll launch cart abandonment campaigns that show shoppers which products they have in cart, and guide them to complete their purchase.

Synced with Shopify
Triggers based on customer behavior
Displays
Cart abandonment popup image
And that’s just the beginning!

Every campaign in your funnel will be split-tested and optimized to get you the best results

Your funnel manager will develop a funnel optimization roadmap with experiments based on performance data, what’s working across the network of brands in the ConvertFlow community, and the latest strategies being tested by top brands in your industry.

Image of graph with testing data and conversion rates
We'll Personalize Your Funnel

Maximize revenue from any shopper segment with personalized offers

Grow LTV by personalizing your store with targeted offers for each shopper segment or promotional sale.

shopper Segments

Post-purchase funnel

Drive up LTV and create repeat buyers by engaging returning customers, and giving them a special offer to purchase products related to their last order.

Post-purchase funnel example

holiday promotions

Holiday promotion funnel

Run a record-breaking Black Friday sale with a promo funnel that funnels shoppers from visit to purchase, and boosts your AOV for BFCM.

Holiday promotions funnel

flash sales

Flash sale funnel

Maximize the revenue potential of your store and inventory by automating flash sale funnels for product bundles, product collections, and more.

Flash sales funnel
Crafted by experts

We’ll do the work, all you have to do is approve & schedule your launch

Save time and launch with confidence by letting our in-house ConvertFlow experts build a personalized funnel that boosts your sales.

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Funnel builder for Shopify

Unleash the power of ConvertFlow’s conversion tools with expert help

Maximize the revenue potential of your stack

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Shopify Plus
Case studies

See how ConvertFlow increased conversions for brands of all sizes

Thousands of fast-growing websites and ecommerce brands use ConvertFlow to grow their email & SMS lists while driving more sales. See real results below.

Fast-growing brands run on ConvertFlow
Shoppers engaged
around the world
Shopping interactions tracked
Email subscribers collected

Unlock more growth with ConvertFlow AutoPilot

Get your Shopify conversion funnel launched, split-tested, and personalized to maximize revenue from every shopper segment – completely done for you.

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  • All Scale plan features

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  • Invite unlimited team members

    Funnel services included
    • Dedicated Funnel Manager

    • Shopify conversion funnel done for you

    • Funnel optimization roadmap

    • One funnel optimization experiment per month

    • Private slack channel with Funnel Success Manager

    • Dynamic reminder campaign

    • Campaign creation services