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Ecommerce Popup #2 – Special Offer Exit-Intent Popup

Jonathan Denney

Co-Founder & CTO at ConvertFlow.

69.57% of online shoppers abandon their cart on average, according to Baymard Institute’s cart abandonment studies.

That’s a huge number. That means 2/3 people drop off!

With ConvertFlow’s exit-intent detection popup trigger, you can display a special offer to product page visitors as they’re exiting the page.

How this works is on desktop computers, when the visitor’s mouse moves towards the back button or closing the tab, ConvertFlow detects this and displays the popup targeted to the page.

On mobile devices, ConvertFlow listens for the back button click, and will trigger the popup when the visitor clicks the back button.

To make launching an exit-intent popup fast and easy, we’ve prepared a popup template which you can use for free.

Here’s how to set this up…

Step 1) Use this link to get the exit-intent popup template for free. If you have already signed up for a ConvertFlow account, using this link will import the CTA into your website.

Step 2) Adjust the popup template’s special offer. Ideas include a discount code, free shipping, a bonus, etc.

In this case, we’ll use a 15% off discount code as special offer, so let’s adjust the text in the popup template.

Step 3) Add the special offer instructions to the thank you step. To do this, just scroll down in the ConvertFlow builder and edit the template text.

Step 4) Next up, we need to hook up the popup form to our email service provider.

To do this, click on the form and then click “Confirmation Actions” to control what happens when it is submitted.

The form is already set to jump to step 2, where the offer instructions are given. To add an email integration, click “Manage email integrations”.

ConvertFlow’s list of email service provider integrations will appear. Click to connect with the one that you use and follow the instructions for that integration.

In this case, I’ve connected MailChimp.

Step 5) With MailChimp connected, let’s add an automation to add the subscriber to a MailChimp list, where we can follow up with future offers and promotions via email marketing.

Step 6) Save and publish the changes. Then click to preview the popup CTA.

Step 7) Click to the “Launch” page and then add a targeting condition to target all product page listings on your ecommerce store.

We can do this using the “If URL contains” targeting condition type, possibly checking for a keyword such as “/product”.

Step 8) With the targeting condition set, let’s activate the popup campaign by clicking the toggle.

If you haven’t already set up ConvertFlow on your website, you’ll then be given your ConvertFlow script.

Now if we head to our website and visit a URL matching the targeting criteria, the exit-intent popup should display when trying to exit the page.

This exit-intent popup template should help get you started and establish a baseline conversion rate for capturing exiting visitors.

Case study: When you’re ready to optimize your exit-intent popup further, see how Rudy Mawer generated an extra $50,000+ in orders with their ConvertFlow exit-intent popup, and the psychology behind why it works so well.

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