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9 Ways Ecommerce Stores Use Video Marketing to Build Trust & Improve Conversions

After establishing online shopping as the new normal, 2020 also brought the digitally savvy online shopper with it.

These customers know:

  • precisely what they want;
  • are aware of different product alternatives available; and
  • choose reliability over affordability.

The key to snagging these customers is creating bite-sized, engaging content that establishes your brand as reliable and trustworthy—and there’s no better medium for it than video.

After all, if there's one thing that all marketers know, it's that trust = conversions, and high-quality marketing videos excel at nurturing that trust.

Video content gives you a very flexible platform to showcase diverse content in unique ways. So today, we'll explore nine ways ecommerce businesses are finding success with video marketing in 2022—and see what tactics you can apply to your marketing strategy.

1. Get on the TikTok train

Working millennials of today are left wondering how a 14-year-old can make thousands of dollars just by posting silly skits and dance videos.

Here are some facts: Not only was TikTok the most downloaded social media app of 2021, but it has also become the first of its kind to democratize its content.

Viral TikToks are not dependent on a high follower count like other apps. The platform's unique algorithm works in such a way that any video, provided it attracts enough engagement, can gain traction and snowball into an overnight success.

The key word here is engagement.

When creating video for TikTok, think about how you can make it engaging and entertaining first. Then, try to weave your product(s) in.

Here’s an example of how American Eagle got an influencer to do a TikTok dance while in a pair of the company’s jeans and used the hashtag #InMyAEJeans:

You don’t necessarily need to work with huge influencers like this. But, it’s an example of how you can work your products into videos—without being straight-up salesy.

Many small businesses have taken advantage of this to advertise their products and build relationships with their customers. Leverage your brand's unique selling points to create memorable bite-sized videos, and you too could open your company doors to new audiences.

2. Break up blog posts and long copy

Blogs offer an effective way to educate customers in detail about product offerings and help your online store rank in search engines for relevant keywords.

But, here's the thing: The average internet user has an attention span of just eight seconds—even a goldfish has nine!

Instead of scaring away potential customers with a sea of copy, consider animated videos to:

  • Discuss brand initiatives
  • Showcase critical product information
  • Explain complex topics with animated graphics and visuals

Today's online shopper loves reassurance but hates having to work for it. Video marketing offers a fantastic way to attract and inform new customers without confusing them.

3. Demo your products in action

Online shopping has taught people to scrutinize every detail of the products they purchase.

After all, what's more disappointing than buying something, only for it to arrive one week later with a defect? Or receive something that doesn’t actually do what you expected it to?

Easy-to-read, straightforward descriptions and clear photos are great. But, video demonstrations can increase credibility like nothing else.

For example:

Brands often include a video demonstration alongside pictures within a product’s listing. This usually improves the overall customer experience, makes their brand appear more trustworthy, and ultimately leads to more conversions.

Take a look at how fashion retailer, ASOS, does this to model its clothing:

ASOS video product demo

It only lasts for a few seconds, but the video provides a great demo of the product in action and gives the shopper a better idea of how the item is going to look and feel in real life.

4. Be part of your buyer’s research process

Most digital marketers have learned that online shoppers tend to be passive and impatient.

However, there's no doubt that once shoppers see something that catches their attention, they'll stop at nothing to find more information about it.

That's the soft spot all marketing strategies look for: Putting out content that excites, educates, and makes customers aware of a need they can satisfy. And that’s precisely where video content outshines the rest.

There is a trend of companies investing in content like whiteboard animations that can be published across their websites and social media platforms. These are great for explaining complex topics and helping people make a buying decision.

Here’s one we at YumYum videos did for a company called ViGlobal:

Optimized animated videos draw people in and enhance their customer experience. In today's competitive environment, it's just something you can’t afford to neglect.

5. Create meaningful social media content

Social media is no longer seen as a quirky gimmick used by companies. It's become essential in building brand awareness and allowing businesses to develop meaningful customer relationships.

Still, this can only be leveraged effectively through meaningful content—with video being a key player.

One of the quickest ways to do this is by hopping on social media trends.

Use TikTok and Instagram reels to your advantage by joining in on trending skits and challenges. You can also focus on video-oriented platforms like YouTube and Facebook to establish your brand through video content.

Check out how sportswear brand, Gymshark, builds its organic TikTok following with a range of short, engaging videos:

Gymshark TikTok profile

When done correctly, this can position your brand as relatable and approachable.

6. Real-time influencer marketing

On the topic of using live videos as a marketing tactic, many ecommerce stores are collaborating with social media influencers to expand their reach.

Through brand takeovers, influencers are paid to engage current and unfamiliar audiences via social media. This can include a local celebrity or a known personality in your niche hosting live videos to:

  • Discuss special offers
  • Provide promo codes
  • Showcase your product’s unique selling points

The best part? The entire collaboration can be planned and carried out remotely!

7. Establish your brand personality

Why is it so important to nurture a marketable brand personality in 2022? Because today's customer is more likely to do business with a brand that they can relate to.

Doing this also allows you to nurture stronger relationships with your customers, which will lead to increased customer retention and higher conversion numbers.

Great ways to help your brand stand out:

  • Animated marketing videos
  • Live Q&As 
  • Short social media videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Brand value videos

There’s no better example of this than shoe retailer Zappos.

The company has a strong brand around providing quality customer service and a great culture. So much so that it has entire sections dedicated to community and culture on its YouTube channel:

Zappos YouTube channel

8. Make your paid ads sparkle

One of the most popular forms of video marketing is its use within paid ads. Unlike regular ads, video ads are more eye-catching and can quickly inform new customers about your product.

The Facebook Ad Library is a great place to research ads that are working.

Generally speaking, you want to:

  • Hook people in quickly
  • Agitate the problem at hand
  • Explain how your product solves it
  • Give a call-to-action

User-generated content (UGC) ads are especially effective at this. Check out the great work Elix Healing does on this by browsing its Facebook Ad library.

Another reason ads work as an effective form of video marketing is because they're measurable.

With online analytics, marketers can track how many people engage with promoted content across various platforms—including social media and search engines. This indicates how effective the ads are, allowing them to adapt their content strategy accordingly.

9. The Perfect Tool for Brand Collaborations

Many companies have teamed up to launch promotions that expand their reach to unfamiliar audiences.

This collaboration can be announced via video ads and, more commonly, live videos. Both companies can invite their followers to discuss a special promotion and take the opportunity to educate the other audience about what the brand has to offer.

This tactic has been used by companies within the same industry looking for audiences that can benefit from a similar product offering.

Remember: Not everyone is a competitor.

Sometimes brands can work together to nurture a stronger sense of brand awareness, and video content gives you the perfect platform to set it all up.

Wrapping up

When we talk about video marketing, we don't mean limiting your business to 10-second ads that get skipped over. There are plenty of ways in which video can help you build trust and improve conversions.

Creating funny snippets that allow your business to expand its appeal and using animated videos that showcase your brand's creativity and inventiveness can be game-changers in your strategy. You just need to pick and choose the right tools for the job!

Using memorable content highlights why a consumer should choose you as a preferred brand instead of another. Hopefully, you can now use video marketing much more effectively and bring your company close to the results you are looking for.

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