Thank You Page Examples

Thank You Page Examples

6 Creative Thank You Page Examples That Drive Engagement

Want to drive more engagement after securing a new sale or signup? A well-designed and thought out thank you page can work wonders. In this guide, we show you how to get the most out of yours—with six creative thank you page examples and a bunch of templates for you to get started with.

Thank you pages aren't just for saying "thank you" to new subscribers. Done right, they can nudge people toward:

  • Consuming more content
  • Sharing to social media
  • Or even completing a sale 🤩

You just have to always build your thank you pages with that next action step in mind.

So in this post, we go into what you need to know to design an epic thank you page. We'll cover key elements to include, six real-life thank you page examples, and some templates you can use to get started with your own right now.

What is a thank you page?

A "thank you page" does what it says on the tin: thanks people for completing an action. It's simply the common term for whatever page a visitor is taken to after signing up for something on your website.

You can create one for any kind of action, such as:

  • Joining your email list 
  • Donating to your charity
  • Downloading an ebook
  • Registering for a webinar

Basically anything that requires a user to take an action and submit data of some sort.

Key elements to include on a thank you page

By definition, the only crucial thing to include on a thank you page is a “thank you” message. You want to show gratitude to somebody for doing something, regardless of what that actually is.

However, people visiting your thank you page are the perfect people to sell to. They're already invested in your content—be that through making a donation, or joining your email list—and it’s where they’re most susceptible to hearing more about your business. 

That’s why some businesses treat thank you pages as an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell.

Let’s say, for example, that someone has joined your email list. On the page that thanks them for subscribing, you can give a time-limited discount that convinces them to convert there and then (rather than through the emails you'll send over the coming weeks).

Bottom line: think about the next step you want users to take after completing that initial landing page action. Then, make sure to include it as a call-to-action on your thank you page.

6 thank you page examples

Now we know what a thank you page is, let’s take a look at six examples that show how they can be used.

1. Kaleigh Moore's thank you page

We’ve briefly touched on the fact that your thank you page is a great place to convince your visitor to take another action.

This example from freelance writer, Kaleigh Moore, which subscribers see after they update their email preferences, does exactly that:

This helps to get your email subscribers engaged from the outset.

Sometimes, subscribers need to wait a few days before receiving the first message in their inbox. Yet if someone wants to read exclusive content from Kaleigh there and then, she gives the opportunity to do that on her thank you page.

It’s a superb way to get them excited for future emails.

2. Saasuma's "thanks for subscribing" page

Here’s another thank you page example from Saasuma that shows how you can use them to get a visitor to take another action.

They send new email subscribers to this landing page, which nudges them to head back to the main blog:

However, what’s interesting about this thank you page is that there’s an obvious mention of their product.

There are logos that show their app is available on major app stores—a snippet of social proof that reinforces the trust they have with their subscribers. Those people can also click the links and download the app from their store of choice.

3. Codica's thank you page

Not all thank you pages have to be complicated. This example from Codica shows exactly that:

The goal is to welcome new people who’ve subscribed to their mailing list. Not only does it thank them for doing so, but they direct subscribers to other content they’ve created—in the form of both blog posts and case studies.

If you know your content is genuinely useful to people, this can be a great way to get potential customers consuming more and more.

4. Peak Freelance's thank you page

Earlier, we touched on the fact that thank you pages can be used to upsell. This thank you page example from Peak Freelance shows this concept in action perfectly:

Subscribers are directed to this page as soon as they join Peak Freelance's mailing list. 

Alongside the “thank you” message, it explains the paid offering being made: a membership. The thank you page has a short breakdown on the differences between the free and paid versions, alongside a video to appeal to different content preferences. There’s then a final call-to-action to convince them to upgrade.

Of course, not every new subscriber will be ready for the paid membership.

But it prevents those who are ready from "slipping through the cracks" by getting them to take action right there and then 💪

5. Eventbrite's "thanks for registering" page

Granted, thank you pages are most often used as a way to show your appreciation for people joining your email list.

This thank you page from Eventbrite, however, has a different message. It thanks people for joining their webinar:

Similar to Saasuma’s landing page, Eventbrite uses a simple description to tell people what to expect next. There’s also a prominent call-to-action button that convinces new subscribers to watch an instant video—it caters to the people who’re interested in their product and want to learn now, rather than later.

6. World Bicycle Relief's "thanks for donating" page

If people make donations through your website, you can use a thank you page to show your gratitude. This example from World Bicycle Relief is an excellent example:

However, notice how the page doesn't just stop at saying thanks for the donation.

World Bicycle Relief use the opportunity to ask donors to spread the word by sharing to social media. Beyond that, they want people to go further than a single donation and start a full on fundraising campaign.

Another great example of always thinking "what's next for my audience?" and then offering up the chance to do it right there and then.

Thank you page templates

A thank you page isn’t just a nice-to-have. They’re superb ways to convince warm prospects to take another action—be that to consume another piece of instant content, or learn more about your product.

The good news is: creating thank you pages doesn’t take as much effort as you might think.

Inside the ConvertFlow library, you’ll find sets of landing page templates for a whole bunch of different campaign needs.

Each has high-quality and customizable thank you pages built in—meaning as soon as someone takes action on your main landing page, they’ll be automatically sent to a matching thank you page. And you have total control of how it all looks.

Talk about making it easier to upsell potential customers there and then 🙌

Here's a few more based on the examples we've shared in this post:

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